July 31, 2012

It's been too long between posts.  Sorry about that.  Things have been happening...

The winery building is finished, and yesterday we moved our first 8 tanks in.  Here are some pictures.

We have spent some weeks finalizing our construction plans for the main (tasting and event) building, and are ready to break ground!!

We should have wine fermenting in a matter of weeks, and ready to taste for an anticipated opening of April 1, 2013. 

Our first bit of marketing will be in November-- We are presenting sponsors of the Ronald McDonald House event called Fam Glam.  Here's a link:  http://rmhc-um.org/news-events/events/.

I may not have mentioned before-- we also have an official logo.  Here it is:


  1. Hi
    I have been going past the winery for months now and finally found someone there who could tell me the name of the winery.
    I live just a few miles from there and am very excited to have a great winery in the neighborhood!
    I am a Sommelier and Cork Dork and have been in the wine industry for several years (please see me on LinkedIn). I would love to get together to hear more about your plans and get a tour of things so far.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Angela Piper, Dresser, WI

    1. Angela: Thanks for contacting me. I would be glad to meet with you.
      I am meeting at the winery with the construction team at noon this Friday, and should be done around 2:00. Does 2:00 work for you? I will be heading back to the cities after that.

      You can reach me directly at: