May 15, 2012

High Gear

This year will likely be the busiest year of our winery.  Some of the things in motion now:

  • We have hired a part-time senior winemaker (Ken) and a full-time junior/journeyman winemaker (Josie).  Ken is a master at (among other things) blending cold climate grapes.  Josie comes to us with extensive sparkling wine experience, so we're excited about the possibilities.
  • Our new winery building is being built.  Here's the finished foundation, taken within the last 24 hours.
  • Scott (with Josie's help) is busy planting about 3,000 new vines, which will hopefully start bearing wine-able fruit in two years.
  • We've got polished, final logos (3 versions on the theme), thanks to our new graphics guy (Matt).  He will also help us with our website, allowing our friends to find logo-imprinted stuff.
  • Our main building is being designed even now, with some exciting possibilities.
We are blessed by finding so many good people who are making helping us, and our success, part of their goals.  It's so great to find people we can count on to watch out for us.  The most major ones include:

  • Brenda, our friend and manager.
  • Steve Palmer, who's been absolutely essential in many, many ways.
  • Chuck Kuhl, our contractor, who is a master of what he does.  (At least so far.  Don't lose your focus, Chuck.)
  • PS and Puneet Vedi, our architects, who are great at dealing with a critical and demanding client (me). 
There are also a host of others, which would take too much space to name.  In addition, so many people seem genuinely interested and supportive.  Please know that we're grateful to all of you.

Look for our Wine and Opening by early 2013!

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